"Through the power of darkness comes a upgrader so overpowered it is classified as end-game. If you don't upgrade a drop before using this device, it will multiply the base value as well."

Crimson Force is an item obtainable in the Mutated Emerald Pack, Progression Pack and Diamond Pack. The ores get sent to the abyss and if the ore is worthy enough the value will be doubled. It has an apply limit of 19. This means the value can be upgraded with 524,288. However, the upgrader can only upgrade one drop at a time, with a short delay with each upgrade; around .5 second. This will also randomly destroy drops that pass through it. If a drop is attempted to be upgraded a 20th time by this upgrader, it will always be destroyed.

NOTE: If the Crimson Force is used before any upgraders it will not only increase the value but also doubles the BASE value. This can be good for items that require a higher base value then the dropper can produce! NEVER use this first on the diamond or the advanced diamond setup because the diamond upgraders will not upgrade the diamonds.

Although the Crimson Force isn't good at early to mid-game content, it is very useful to get the Supreme Pack and beyond, and is MANDATORY to get the cash for the Corrupted Alchemy Pack if you don't have any Diamond items.

Warning: Please don't try to use it on dark drops; this will cause it to explode and disappear from your file's inventory, but don't worry as it's still in other files.