The Galactic Nova Pack is a hidden pack of items named after the developer Novaseer. The pack, like all exclusive and/or hidden packs, does not award Plasma.


Until the Novarium Stabilisation Crucible is obtained by the player, the pack cannot be found in the shop menu, preventing its purchase. The only way to obtain this pack otherwise is through the Maniacal Pumpkin Pack (at a 16.67% chance) and rare codes, much akin to the Twitter Pack. It also requires the opener to have a massive 1 million plasma if bought via the shop, which is a sign that shows these items could be pivotal in the endgame.

Pack Items

In addition to granting 2 item slots from the Gold Pack, the Galactic Nova Pack grants 2 exclusive items. The discovered exclusive pack items are as follows:

These items are rarely given as a bonus:

Galactic Nova Pack Marble:

Some new items are being added sometime in the future, such as the following:


  • All exclusive items in this pack have power consumption in base 2, although this is often hard to notice due to how large the numbers are.
  • This is the second pack to have exact access to another pack's drop table, being able to take two item slots from the Gold Pack, the other being the Diamond Pack, having access to both the Supreme Pack and Progression Pack.
  • This is the only pack able to be awarded in another pack.