The Maniacal Pumpkin Pack is a pack added during the 2017 Halloween Event, only available for 7 days during that time. Currently, the only possible way to purchase it requires you to own a Squash Deployer. If this is not the case, the pack is hidden from the shop until next halloween.

The pack itself costs $215 Duvit.

The Maniacal Pumpkin Pack is the only pack in the game that can award other Packs - awarding the Galactic Nova Pack at a 16.67% chance.

Main Items:

Bonus Items:

Marble Item:

There is an Entropic item available in this pack, the Doomsayer Catalyst. It occupies the second card slot, at a 0.2% chance, making it the rarest useful pack item in the game (its beaten only by the Crimson Rock Deposit with a .12% chance in the Gold Pack).