Automatic Resource Collector Extreme - Automatically chops down Ethereal Wood

Primitive Resource Plateau Extreme - Stores up to 512 Resource Cards

Sand Depot - Produces Sand

Clay Depot - Produces Clay

Paper Slicer - Converts Ethereal Wood into Paper

Brick Smeltery - Converts Clay into Brick

Stone Card Depot Extreme - Produces Stone

Granite Depot - Produces Granite

Suspended Log Chipper Extreme - Converts Ethereal Wood into Planks (3x amount of Wood Inputted)

Coal Lift Extreme - Produces Coal

Iron Depot Extreme - Produces Iron

Clay Mountain - Produces Clay

Alloying Plant Extreme - Makes Alloys (x1 outputted v inputted)

Resource Collector Extreme - Stores up to 5.12k Resource Cards

Suspended Plate Cutter - Converts Resource Cards that are bars into Plates

Iron Factory - Produces Iron

Aluminium Forge - Produces Aluminium

Metal Smasher - Converts Resource Cards that are bars to Dust (x2 the amount of the resource)

Alder Computational Resource Storage Extreme - Stores up to 512k Resource Cards

Copper Hut Extreme - Produces Copper

CrimClay Depot - Produces CrimClay

Resource Dispenser Extreme - Drops down 2 Resource Cards that are in it

Tin Depot Extreme - Produces Tin

Alloy Factory Extreme - Makes Alloys (x2 outputted v inputted)

Silver Spitter Extreme - Produces Silver

Rock Drill - Produces Stone

Advanced Silicon Depot - Produces Silicon

Amethyst Alloy Facility - Makes Alloys (x10 outputted v inputted)

Advanced Machine Component - Resource Card that is bought from the shop

CrimClay Mountain - Produces CrimClay

Golden Temple Extreme - Produces Gold

Magnesium Forge - Produces Magnesium

Manganese Depot - Produces Manganese

Volcanic Obsidian Depot - Produces Obsidian

Quantum Resource Gathering Facility Extreme - Stores up to 1 BILLION Resource Cards

Copper Station Extreme - Produces Copper

Granite Rock Drill - Produces Granite

Static Nickel Sanctuary Extreme - Produces Nickel

Crimdustrial Dispenser - Drops down 15 Resource Cards that are in it

Crimson Lift Unit - Produces Crimson

Quantum Core - Resource Card that is bought from the shop

Heavenly Golden Forge Extreme - Produces Gold

Molybdenum Facility - Produces Molybdenum

Tungsten Facility - Produces Tungsten

Indium Forge - Produces Indium

Gallium Forge - Produces Gallium

Industrial Plastic Depot - Produces Plastic

Zinc Depot - Produces Zinc

Phosphorous Dust Depot - Produces Phosphorous Dust

Chromium Factory Extreme - Produces Chromium

Arsenic Deployer - Produces Arsenic

Pyrein Crystal Extraction Plant - Produces Pyrein

Ruby-Endowed Pyrein Extractor - Produces Pyrein

Giga Stone Drill - Produces Stone

Ruby-Endowed Granite Drill - Produces Granite

Amethyst Computational Resource Storage - Stores up to 5.12 TRILLION Resource Cards

CrimClay Portal - Produces CrimClay

Enchanted Silicon Foundry - Produces Silicon

Beryllium Station - Produces Beryllium